The different types of news

There are many types of news available and it just keeps on growing. Here is a list of popular news segments.

National News

National news is the news of the country. This type of news has one of the highest viewership as it is read or watched by nearly everyone in that particular country. These types of news contain everything that is happening in the country and could include governmental affairs, price changes, taxes, crime, robbery, events and etc. This news is very useful as it may help the citizens to adjust to the news.

Local News

Local news is the news within a specific area or town. This news is useful because it informs the viewer of local events, traffic and road status, sales and changes in that town. It gives information to the local viewers and it is always nice to know about you neighbourhood and the changes that occur in it. Further the news updates the viewer regularly on changes in the town.

Weather News

The weather news usually comes with the national or local news on the TV. The weather news has the changes in the weather. The news could show the weather for the day or for coming weeks as well. Therefore you could plan your week ahead. Some weather channels show hourly weather stats as well. In case of heavy rain or dangerous situations the channel would inform the viewer to stay indoors in that specific region.

Business News

The business news is very important to many. It is significant for investors, businessmen and employees. This news informs changes in the business landscapes and includes mergers, acquisitions, profit, losses, stock market performance and bankruptcy in a range of businesses. Many investors keep an eye on this news so that they know where to invest on. Further when businesses are improving it invites many people to become investors themselves and keeps the employees morals up.

Sports News

Sports news is a very popular type of news. It caters to sports fans around the world. The sports news may sometime be segmented according to the sports. There are always sports events occurring around the world. They include cricket, football, rugby, golf, tennis and athletics are some. When events such as the Olympics, cricket world cup, football world cup, rugby world cup or any other major sport event takes place the viewership numbers increase considerably. Sports news may also be divided into local sports news and international sports news.

These are some of the popular news types that are available. There many other news types such as technology news, health news, celebrity news and education news are some of them. The above list are currently the most watched news types in the world.