The methods used for news distribution

News is distributed many ways. Over the years these methods improved and evolved and some remain as they were. Here is a list of ways news is distributed primarily.

The newspaper

The newspaper is one of the earliest methods used and still exists to this day. The news is written by journalist and it covers a wide range of topics. An added advantage of the newspaper over the other methods is that the news is detailed and has the full story rather than a short summary of it. Newspapers are distributed in various ways. Some newspapers are distributed both mornings and afternoons everyday but now it is mostly distributed only in mornings. There are others that are distributed on weekends with news accumulated over the week. Currently the weekly newspapers seem to enjoy the highest sales as most people have little time to read every day and prefer to read over the weekends.

Newspapers are meant to be a cheap form of news distribution and only a small percentage of revenue is made over sales and the majority is made from advertisements. Many newspapers have now shifted online due to higher viewership and less cost when compared to traditional newspapers.

The internet

The internet is a very popular form of accessing news. Unlike newspapers that have set times and the television that has minutes to hour delay in news, the news online is delivered more quickly. Access is also extremely fast as the reader just needs to type in the address or with today’s search engines just type in a few keywords and the search engine will show all the relevant news.

Other than news websites other methods such as blogging, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter has increased news consumption considerably. When compared to general news these blogs and websites have news that is directly told by individuals. There are many videos and pictures that are put up on websites that news teams and journalists miss. The use of smartphones and recording devices from everyone has given rise to many amateur photographs and video recordings. For example if there is a riot the news team may take a few minutes to hours to get there, record and report on it  but a few individuals would have recorded, pictures and uploaded the whole riot from its inception to many blogs or social sites.


When televisions became popular news started to be shown at certain times. Over times there were many news only channels that reported news 24/7. In times of crisis usually journalists are given special access to these zones and they obtain live coverage and report on this. Therefore this advantage is not available to bloggers and social sites.

When it comes to coverage it is wide and many news channels cover many topics. From weather, sports events and traffic can all be covered. This method of news distribution has a distinct advantage over other methods as they can use connections and high tech to effectively report news instantly and live.